Good People Brewing - El Gordo Day

Good People Brewery approached me to create compelling visual ads for their annual El Gordo Day celebration, showcasing their highly-rated beer with a 4.3/5 rating on Untappd. The goal was to build excitement and anticipation for the event through aesthetically pleasing video content to be displayed across multiple screens and projections. Leveraging the luchador-themed identity of El Gordo, developed by A Studio in Birmingham, Alabama, I integrated a western motif to create a visually captivating campaign. This fusion of vibrant luchador culture with the rustic allure of the Wild West successfully honored the brewery's branding while enhancing audience engagement. Our collaboration exemplified the power of thematic storytelling and visual ingenuity in event promotion, contributing to the success of another memorable El Gordo Day celebration for Good People Brewery.

El Gordo Day - Mobile Ads

To reach more of their audience and prepare for the event they released this alternate video as promotional material on mobile. The ads were pushed on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and Google ads.

The 1080x1920 format needed a different
treatment to showcase each beer. I chose to have the bottles battle it out for supremacy to showcase each label and flavor.

The Results: 15,000+ Plays, 9,923 Impressions, & 105 Profile Visits. A successful celebration that brought 100s of guests to the brewery and increased sales of the seasonal beer, allowing GP to offload previous years flavors and profit off of the 2023 special editions.

Video Assets Development

El Gordo Labels Created by A STUDIO